Kristin Cavallari Confirms “The Hills” Was Fake

Reality star says she was “acting” on the show, very little on it was real

Coming to confirm what was suspected of MTV’s “The Hills” long before its 2010 cancelation, former star Kristin Cavallari has just admitted that the reality show was “pretty fake” and that all were “pretty much” coached on what they should say or do.

Rumor of “The Hills” being scripted started to make the rounds long before MTV announced that it was pulling the plug on it because of steeping ratings, so this can’t possibly come as a shock to fans.

Nevertheless, it’s the first time that Cavallari confirms it. It all happened on a segment of Watch What Happens Live, as the video below will show.

Kristin admits that the reality series was “fake” and insists that she and her castmates were just “actors” acting on whatever indications they were getting from producers.

Almost everything we saw on screen, save her distaste for Lauren Conrad, was scripted in some way or another, Kristin explains. This also includes her romance with Justin “Bobby” Brescia.

“No one,” Kristin says when asked which of her relationship on the show she most regretted. “I would say Justin but I never really dated him.”

“I think I made out with him once, and that took a lot of convincing. Finally I was like, ‘All right, I'll just do it!’ Fake relationships, fake fights, but it was fun, 'cause you're acting. And that was more fun for me,” she explains.

As noted above, the one thing Kristin was genuine about while on “The Hills” was her hatred of Lauren, even though she seems to have grown out of that stage long ago because she can totally say 3 nice things about her upon request.

On a more serious note, Kristin stresses neither she nor her castmates ever did anything wrong lying about “The Hills” being scripted.

“I feel like they put things in our heads. I mean, we were 17 and 18. They made it a lot worse than it was. I think the story they told wasn't a dishonest one. The way they did it sometimes was,” she explains.

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