Kristin Bauer Stays Hungry to Look Good on ‘True Blood’

Playing a vampire on the hottest vampire series on television right now, “True Blood,” does come with a high price for Kristin Bauer: she’s almost always hungry and working out.

Stars often have to make personal sacrifices to make a character more believable, and Kristin knows that only too well, because she’s completely overhauled her lifestyle just recently.

Ever since she joined the “True Blood” cast and, most important, ever since she went to the first wardrobe fitting, the star has been weighing a constant battle against the flab.

This is not only about not gaining weight, she explains in a recent interview with People magazine, but rather about fitting the clothes on the show – and looking her best.

As it happens, she’s not the only one to be struggling with her figure, since everybody else on the set is under strict orders to stick to a diet and work out as much as possible.

“The other day I realized as long as I’m in this business, I’m going to be hungry,” Kristin reveals to People when asked is she’s on any special diet for the hit series. She’s only half joking, she goes on to explain.

Her first wardrobe fitting also represented the moment she realized that she need to really spice up her workout routine and cut down on certain foods on the daily menu.

“During that first wardrobe fitting, I knew I would have my midriff showing. I thought, ‘I need to get serious’ and started going to ab classes more regularly,” she explains. At least, she’s not in it alone, since the entire cast goes through the same.

“[We are] all working out like crazy and have diets. All the women walk by Craft services and keep going. I don’t even know why we walk by, we’re just torturing ourselves,” the actress jokes.

And while this may actually seem a torture to many, Kristin says she finds motivation precisely in her daily job on the show. “After any wardrobe fitting, I hit the gym three times more than the week before,” she also says in the same interview.

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