Kristen Stewart's New Pooch Is “Emotionally Manipulative” – Video

The actress talks about her adopted pet, says it has brilliant acting skills

Only recently, Kristen Stewart went “Live! With Michael and Kelly” and talked about the newest addition to her family: an adopted pooch named Bernie, which now keeps itself entertained by stealing toys from the actress’s other dog, Bear.

The actress says that this rescue dog is rather “emotionally manipulative,” meaning that it pretty much tricked her into taking it home with her.

“She was very emotionally manipulative. She really milked it. Then I got her home, and she was like, 'I have arrived',” Kristen says.

“I'm just sort of obsessed with rescuing pooches,” the celebrity confesses.

Hopefully, more people will follow in Kristen Stewart's footstep and give due consideration to the idea of adopting a pet rather than buying one from a puppy mill.

You can see and hear Kristen talking about her new pooch, Bernie, in the video below.

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