Kristen Stewart’s New Movie, “Sils Maria,” Required Her to Gain Weight

Star is munching on chocolate non-stop, has ditched the healthy diet

Kristen Stewart once explained that she’d been blessed with a figure that made it possible for her to stay in shape without killing herself at the gym, as long as she ate healthy and did some moderate exercise. She’s now on a bid to gain weight while she’s working on a new movie.

The former “Twilight” actress is shooting “Sils Maria” with Juliette Binoche, under the direction of Olivier Assayas. She’s been photographed shooting a scene by the river with Binoche, in which both characters take a dip in the water in their undies.

Following talk that Kristen is looking slightly puffier, an inside source tells OMG Yahoo! that she has, indeed, gained some weight because the director asked her to.

Apparently, he didn’t want her looking like a typical Hollywood starlet, so she ditched the healthy diet and stopped exercising altogether. She’s now munching on chocolate in between takes and is eating foods she wouldn’t normally touch to achieve a “dowdy” figure.

In the film, Stewart plays a personal assistant to Binoche’s character, who is an actress.

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