Kristen Stewart Goes for Light Red Hair

Actress goes from rock to glam chick

There’s no doubt that Kristen Stewart is a beautiful young woman, even if there are times when it seems like she’s going out of her way to make herself anything but that. On a recent public appearance, the “Twilight” actress unveiled a new ‘do, one that seemed specifically meant to help her transition from rock chic to glamorous woman, as People magazine can confirm.

After she finished working on The Runaways biopic (called “The Runaways,” of course), where she appeared opposite Dakota Fanning, Stewart seemed to have developed quite a crush on the black mullet she had to sport in the film. Even after she had extensions put in for her part as Bella Swan in “Twilight,” she returned to the brunette ‘do she discovered as rebellious rocker Joan Jett. To state the obvious, a change was overdue – and is therefore very welcome.

“She’s built her reputation on her grungy offscreen style, but Kristen Stewart really got tongues wagging today when she showed up to tape the Late Show with David Letterman in NYC sporting short strawberry blond hair! Gone were her dark shoulder-length locks, replaced by chin-skimming fiery red tresses,” People writes. Indeed, not only does the color of the hair attract attention because it’s so fiery, but it also goes wonderfully with Kristen’s complexion and eyes, which is yet another extra reason for people to be all eyes on her. Then again, the change was probably not Kristen’s idea, the magazine further explains.

“While the new look is reported to be for her upcoming role as MaryLou in the film adaption of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, the softer style marks a distinct departure from any do we’ve seen her rock before. While we’ve loved seeing the Twilight Saga star transform from Bella’s girl-next-door tresses to Joan Jett’s rocker-cool mullet and back again, we have to admit that we might love seeing Kristen’s screen-siren side most of all,” People says.

To cap it off, for the interview, Stewart also chose a classic little black dress, with only one sleeve and a very interesting cut-out detail on the opposite side. Matched with black pumps, the mini dress really made the most of the actress’ incredibly long and gorgeous legs.

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