Kristen Bell Expecting First Child with Dax Shepard

Funny twosome is getting ready for parenthood, not wedding

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are getting ready to become parents. The two funny stars, who have been engaged for almost 3 years now, have just confirmed the happy news to People magazine.

In issuing the statement, Kristen is one step ahead of the tabs, confirming the happy news long before the “baby bump watch” would have begun.

As expected, the soon-to-be parents are over the moon at the thought their family will soon be expanding.

“They’re so excited — they’re both ecstatic. They can’t wait to become parents,” a friend of the celebrity couple says for the aforementioned publication.

“Kristen had a little bit of morning sickness early on but she just started shooting the second season of House of Lies and is feeling great now,” adds the insider.

People notes that, only this summer, as they were promoting a movie, both Kristen and Dax talked about plans to start a family, even though they’re still determined to wait to get married until gay marriage is also legal in California.

However, they said at the time, they saw no problem with having babies even though not legally a family, saying the idea “doesn’t really bother us.”

“We wouldn’t want to invite all of our friends who don’t have that right to celebrate us, who have that right. We just don’t feel right about that,” Shepard said.

“Can you think about how rude that would feel?” Bell chimed in.

Dax and Kristen aren’t the only celebrity couple to put off marriage until gays could marry in California as well.

Perhaps the most famous couple to have done so – and definitely among the first to go public with their decision – is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who said this was the best way they could think of to militate for gay marriage.

They too are engaged.

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