Kris Kross’ Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly Dies Aged 34 [CNN]

Cause of death is unknown, an autopsy will be performed

Chris Kelly, aka Mac Daddy, one half of the ‘90s pop band Kris Kross, has died. He was only 34 years old and, as CNN informs, a cause of death is yet to be determined.

Kelly was found unresponsive in his Atlanta home yesterday, May 1, and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

CNN says that he died at the hospital.

Authorities are yet to release a cause of death, which is now pending on the autopsy that will be performed today. Further details are unknown.

Though Kris Kross faded into relative obscurity after a while, they made headlines again this year when they reunited for a string of appearances.

Fans had even dared to hope for a new album, and were quite thrilled to observe that the two Chrises (Kelly and Smith) were still wearing some of their clothes backwards, like they did when they stormed on the scene with “Jump.”

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