Kris Jenner's Controlling Ways Kill Kardashian Magazine Deal

Matriarch demanded only positive coverage, American Media Inc. “balked” at it

Just a few days ago, word got out online that the Kardashians would get their own magazine, one that would provide fans all the details on the most famous family in reality television right now. The deal has gone sour, it has emerged.

American Media Inc., which owns Star, The National Enquirer and Radar Online, was in talks with the family with the purpose of coming out with an all-Kardashian magazine.

However, matriarch Kris Jenner's too controlling ways and impossible demands killed the deal in the bud, PageSix reports.

Admittedly, while AMI was very interested in seeing the collaboration get off the ground, Jenner thought she could actually get an even better deal than she was offered.

PageSix claims she demanded that AMI run only positive coverage of the Kardashians in all its publications, a request that was obviously denied.

Not only that, but it also led to the end of all plans for the aforementioned magazine.

“Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner’s demands for absolute editorial control has killed a deal with American Media Inc. to create a Kardashian-devoted fanzine – after she insisted on approval on all stories about her family across their titles,” the report argues.

Kris expected AMI to provide around the clock coverage of her and her family in all its publications but, at the same time, she also imagined she's be given editorial control over the stories that would come out in print.

In other words, she asked them to provide her only with positive media.

“Sources told us the deal turned sour after Jenner demanded she have editorial approval over every AMI publication to ensure wall-to-wall positive coverage of the overexposed reality robots,” PageSix writes.

“Our source told us AMI 'balked' at the demand, even though megalomaniac mom Jenner offered to

'dish' all of the family 'scoop' to the fanzine. AMI execs argued they didn’t want to just swallow saccharine 'Kardashian krap,' noting that while they have a television deal with E!, other outlets often get better scoops on the family,” the report further says.

Presumably to “get back” at Kris, the more recent AMI publications run only negative stories: Star claimed Khloe was the product of an extra-marital affair, The National Enquirer wrote that she was O.J. Simpson's daughter, while Radar went and dug up Kris' divorce papers.

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