Kris Jenner Laughs Off Divorce Rumors

They’re fine and have no plans to break up anytime soon, reality star and momager says

Contrary to what fans of the Kardashians’ reality show might have been reading in the press, Bruce Jenner isn’t getting ready to divorce Kris Jenner yet, says the matriarch / momager in a statement to E! News.

The other day, rumors started to pick up that Bruce had grown tired of his wife’s obsession to be in the media, her flirts with younger men and her constantly belittling him.

He’d been seeing divorce attorneys and was making plans to get out of the marriage ASAP, insiders said, as we also informed you.

Not so fast, Kris says in a statement to E! News.

They’re fine and still very much in love and, as such, not even thinking about divorcing, the matriarch says.

“I said, ‘Honey, I think we're getting a divorce.’ He said, ‘Honey don't bug me with this. I'm at the hobby store buying helicopter parts’,” Kris says of the discussion she and Bruce had over the phone after the rumor emerged online.

With this kind of reports, you can’t but laugh them off, Kris goes on to say. What’s important is that she and her family and friends know the truth: the mags can say whatever they like, there’s no stopping or preventing that.

“We just laugh it off. We love each other and just laugh about it. This kind of stories have been circulating for the last couple of years,” she says.

“We're absolutely not filing for divorce. Everything is great. We feel very blessed as a family. If we had to chase down and comment on every rumor we'd be working overtime,” Jenner adds.

She’s right at least about one thing: these divorce rumors have been circulating for several years now and, so far, not once was there any indication there was some truth to them.

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