Kris Jenner Is Secretly Dating Bachelor Ben Flajnik Because Going Public Could Ruin Her Brand

The two have been “hooking up” since July, before she announced split from Bruce Jenner

In October, Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner announced their decision to separate after 22 years of marriage and, though either is yet to file for divorce, Kris has already moved on. She’s dating a much younger man now, The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik.

Reports last month said that the two were just friends but that Kris was determined to make a move on Ben as soon as she got the chance because she had such a huge crush on him.

Us Weekly is now claiming that, in reality, the two have been “hooking up” for quite some time now: since July, when he appeared on her talk show. That is to say, Kris moved on from her marriage to Bruce long before she made the split official.

“They started hanging out. It got romantic right away. They’ve been hooking up,” says a tipster.

Flajnik has denied the reports on Twitter, saying that the weekly didn’t even bother to contact him for comment before running the story. The magazine, on the other hand, insists they did but that he refused to go on the record with anything.

An explanation for why Flajnik is apparently lying comes from Radar Online, which also claims that the two are dating. Admittedly, Kris knows that publicly dating a much younger man so soon after the split might damage her reputation so, for the time being, she’s keeping the affair a secret.

She’s also selling the same image of herself as before the separation and telling the press that she and Bruce have parted ways on the most amicable terms, and that they’re still a family in every other sense of the word.

“It’s all about preserving the brand. It would look really bad if Kris was publicly in a relationship with a much younger man after just announcing the split with Bruce. Kris will keep her boy toy away from her family. She knows if Ben were to make an appearance at her holiday festivities, tongues would be wagging. It’s definitely a May-December romance — and nothing more!” says a source.

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