Kris Humphries Grosses Out Fan with His Sweaty Tee – Video

Thunder fan gets too close for comfort, reacts in very hilarious manner

Reaching out and touching someone famous can be like a dream come true for many a fan, but not the same can be said about one Thunder female fan who got a bit too close for comfort to Kris Humphries at the end of an NBA game this week.

Check out the video below to see her hilarious reaction to touching Humphries’ sweaty tee.

The whole thing went down as he was walking out, having left the game after spraining his ankle, at the Brooklyn Nets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game.

Though she’s initially ecstatic at the thought that he’s going to walk right past her, after she touches him and feels how sweaty he is, she recoils in disgust, wipes her hand on the sleeve of the man standing next to her, and makes several grossed-out faces.

Experience is the mother of knowledge, indeed and, apparently, athletes tend to sweat a lot. Who knew.

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