Korean Artist Turns Cooking Pot Into MIDI-Power Musical Instrument

Music-producing electronic device may be a more accurate description

We've seen our share of bizarre electronics, homemade and otherwise, but this latest one, from Korean artist Viktor Jan, deserves some special attention.

The man took a cooking pot and an Arduino-powered MIDI interface and somehow turned them into something that plays music.

The MIDI interface plays tunes from electrified objects placed inside the pot. Each object actually plays a different track.

There are even some knobs that can be used instead of a mixer, though they look more like they adjust the temperature of a stove really.

“When I was in U.K., I missed my Korean food, so I decided to cook a Korean soup in my kitchen,” Jan told Fast Company.

“While boiling the water, I realized that the water boiling sound is playable by the lid of pot. It is just like filtering a sound effect by using a DJ mixer. So I translated that idea into cooking sound.”

More images and details on the musical cooking pot can be found here.

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