Konami Announces Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Update

Wii edition also detailed

Konami is saying that its much loved football simulator, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, is set to receive a new free download pack at the end of February. The new content will arrive on the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 and the PC and will aim to make the game more interesting by bringing the player database up to date with the most recent changes in the world of football.

Konami says that all the player rosters for all the clubs featured in the game will be updated so that they reflect the situation after the winter 2009 transfer window. In addition to this, hundreds of players have had their move list corrected to better reflect their abilities, while 200 new players are now making their first appearance in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009. The database which holds the scores that determine the abilities of players is also getting re-done to offer the player a better simulation of what each footballer can and cannot do on the pitch.

Konami also says that more DLC is planned for the following months and that development on the Nintendo Wii version of PES 2009 is proceeding well, with the release date still set for spring 2009. The company reveals that the “point and click” system which allowed the player to control both the footballer with the ball and his team mates will be back but a new control system, dubbed “traditional,” will also be available, to be used with either the Wiimote or the Classic Controller.

Konami is also pointing out the improvements in AI that will make matches more challenging and to the new cooperative play system designed to allow one player to use the Nunchuk and the Wiimote to control the game at a team level while another player uses the Classic Controller to coordinate individual players.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 on the Wii is also set to receive fresh game modes, like the Master League, an enhanced Champions Road competition, an enhanced Edit Mode, enhanced online gameplay possibilities and a game mode allowing players to train their Mii.

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