Komodo Dragon Attacks 2 People, Puts Them in the Hospital

The incident occurred at a national park in Indonesia

Two people working for a national park in Indonesia have recently learned – the hard way, some might say – that, despite years of experience in terms of working with wildlife, animals can sometimes prove to be both unpredictable and extremely dangerous.

To cut a long story short, these two men were bitten by a Komodo dragon, whose attack translated into the national park's employees' needing urgent medical attention in order to survive.

Information made available to the general public until now says that, as peculiar as this may sound, one of these men, i.e. 50-year-old forest police officer Ahmad Main, was attacked by the lizard while sitting alone in an office.

More precisely, the Komodo dragon managed to grab hold of his leg while the man was trying to get up on a chair in order to put some distance between himself and the lizard.

The other man, 35-year-old park employee Usman Li, got bitten while trying to lend a helping hand to Ahmad Main. Apparently, Usman Li also suffered a bite to his leg.

Following all this commotion, several other park rangers headed towards the office and managed to chase the Komodo dragon away, Bangkok Post reports.

Seeing how these lizards are sensitive to movements and sounds, it seems that the park employees' creating even more noise was what eventually drove off the Komodo dragon responsible for this attack.

This run-in between park rangers and wildlife took place on the Rinca Island in East Nusa Tenggara province, and the park employees who were bitten were rushed to Sanglah Hospital in Bali.

It is to be expected that, following their receiving the medical attention they need, Usman Li and Ahmad Main will make a full recovery.

Wildlife researchers explain that, although they mostly feed on birds, goats, monkeys and even water buffalo, Komodo dragons do not shy away from attacking humans and even eating them sometimes, which is why those working with such lizards must always be on the lookout.

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