Kojima Wants to Work with Western Studios, Doesn't Exclude MGS Remake

The reputed game designer expresses his feelings in this regard

The gaming industry has a lot of iconic figures in the form of game designers who have shaped the way we play and interact with video games today. One of the most reputed and respected of them is Hideo Kojima, the creator of the extremely popular Metal Gear Solid franchise, a series that intertwined storytelling with tactical stealth gameplay and reached critical acclaim.

After the latest project of his own studio, Kojima Productions, has been released, Metal Gear Solid Touch for the iPhone, a lot of people were wondering what the game designer would tackle next. In this regard, he spoke with Japanese magazine Kikizo and revealed that he wanted to collaborate with Western development studios, and, if the company was up for it, a Metal Gear Solid remake wouldn't be out of the question.

“There are many development companies outside of Japan working with Konami, and I believe that they're all special in some way; they have their unique points,” Kojima says “and if we were to team up with them I wouldn't dictate to them — 'you should do things this way, use this color, change this...' — I'd have to really try to help them do what they do best as production studios.”

He then went on to discuss the remake of the original Metal Gear Solid, “What you expect in a Metal Gear is probably only possible by Kojima Productions. I don't know if other Konami studios could really achieve a satisfactory result for the user. But if I get an offer from an overseas company saying they really want to do it, that could be an option.”

It is pretty clear that Kojima wants for his company to become a global one, as he has revealed on another occasion, and that he really wants to create something fresh and innovative after sticking with the MGS franchise for many years. Hopefully, he will find a suitable partner for his company and we will see a revamp of the first MGS in the future.

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