Kodak Finally Sells That Troublesome Set of Patents

Since Apple couldn't prevent the auction, it bought them off instead

When Apple teamed up with Google in order to buy off as many of Kodak's patents as possible, it was a clear sign that the former was backing down from its crusade to claim the IP as its own through courts.

Initially, it tried to start a drawn-out legal fight, but the bankruptcy court denied the bid to transfer the suit to a district court.

Legal babbling aside, Apple basically had to go through normal channels if it really wanted Kodak's photo, video and digital imaging patents, which it did.

In addition to Apple and Google, there are 10 companies paying Kodak, all of them organized by Intellectual Ventures and RPX Corporation.

The full sum is $525 million, or 395 million Euro, give or take a few hundred thousand.

Now, Kodak just has to make sure it uses the money right and emerges from the ashes of its bankruptcy.

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