Kobo's Latest eReader Gets a Touchscreen

Kobo has recently announced its latest generation of eReader devices, the Kobo Touch Edition, which improves the company's previous design by adding a touch screen in order to enhance navigation and its overall functionality.

The Kobo eReader Touch Edition sports a black and white 6-inch screen that is built using the Pearl E Ink technology and can display up to 16 shades of gray.

This is powered by a Freescale i.MX508 processor, that Kobo says it can improve page turn times significantly, and just like the previous version, the reader features WiFi connectivity and an SD card slot.

This can be used to expand the 1000 books built-in memory of the reader, and is placed at the bottom of the chassis for easy access.

According to Kobo, the Touch Edition weights in a meager 200 grams and it can go for two weeks without a recharge.

“The new Kobo eReader is a major advance for readers. We started with a simple, yet powerful idea – to bring eReading to more people in more places, and inspire people around the world to spend more time reading,” said Michael Serbinis, CEO, Kobo Inc.

“At a time when technology is disrupting all media, Kobo’s focus on the importance of reading has resulted in a revolutionary new experience for readers

“This is the first eReader you can put in your pocket, take with you anywhere and read for hours just like a real book, with ultimate comfort and no distraction. The new Kobo eReader is designed for people who love to read,” concluded the company's rep.

The Kobo eReader Touch Edition is available for pre-order immediately from various retailers, including Best Buy, Walmart, Borders and Indigo, for $129.99, and it will begin shipping in July.

After the introduction of the Touch Edition, Kobo’s previous-generation reader has dropped to $99.99.

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