Kobo Wireless eReader Enters the Stage

Coming to offer existing devices some competition, the new e-reader made by Kobo has finally reared its head and taken its first steps into the world, along with its wireless connectivity capabilities and access to the Kobo store.

As end-users may know, e-readers grew very quickly as a market, as a testament to the ever present desire that consumers have for reading.

Now, with more and more books being digitized and with the designs of the various e-readers getting refined, competition is again stepping up.

What occurred was that Kobo finally brought out the Wireless eReader, its e-book reading electronic that measures 184 x 120 x 10 mm and weighs 221 grams.

Like all of its peers, except for the exceptions that boast color screens of course, this newcomer features a 16-greyscale display.

The screen size itself is of 6 inches, but the display is just one small bit of what Kobo put into its creation.

The e-reader comes with 1 GB of built-in flash storage, onto which 100 books are already pre-loaded when the device is purchased.

There is, of course, a SD card slot meant to expand this storage capacity by a great deal, though even that is just part of the whole list of features.

The Wireless eReader boasts an USB port, for copying files to and from a computer, as well as WiFi.

The wireless connectivity will be mainly used to acquire new titles via direct download form the Kobo Store, which has about 2.2 million e-books available for purchase.

Finally, the company threw in a battery that can last for up to 10,000 page turns on a single charge.

As for the overall design, Kobo provides three color schemes, namely Porcelain with Metallic Silver Back, Porcelain with Lilac back and Onyx. The price tag is of $139 and orders can be placed here.

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