Kobo Mini and Glo E-Readers Available in the UK and Canada

The Arc tablet will be shipped to those regions in November (2012)

Kobo” is an anagram for “book” so, as a company name, it is quite fitting, given that Kobo Inc. deals in online published material and, of course, consumer electronics devices meant to allow their reading.

The latest devices are called Kobo Glo and Arc, and are an electronic book reader and media tablet, respectively.

Both of them were announced in September (2012), almost exactly a month ago.

Now, the former is finally shipping, and not just in Kobo's home market (Canada), but in the United Kingdom as well.

Canadian retailers Indigo, Future Shop and Best Buy offer the Kobo Glo ($130) alongside the Kobo Mini ($80) e-reader, while they wait for the Kobo Arc to reach them (November).

The UK retailer that is selling the two devices is WHSmith, at £99.99 and £59.99, respectively.

Strangely enough, Future Shop lists none of the e-readers yet, but at least it accepts pre-orders for the Kobo Arc 7" 32GB and Kobo Arc 7" 16GB ($249.99 and $199.99). In the UK, the device is listed for £189.99 / £159.99.

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