Klout Brings Enhanced Content Creation to Android

The mobile application is available for all Android 4.0.3 and newer devices

On Monday, a new application and service arrived on devices running under Google’s Android operating system, namely Klout.

The app was long expected to land on Android, and it is now available for download, providing users with the possibility to become more successful on social media.

With Klout, users can get a better understanding of what content creation and sharing is all about, while also learning more on the influence they have on social media.

“Klout helps people be known for what they love. You can easily find, create and share content that resonates with your audience - and then track your success using the Klout Score,” the application’s description reads.

Klout was designed to perform an analysis of the world’s largest collection of cross-network social data, while also aimed at making personalized content recommendations based on that. Thus, the app and service should be able to turn users into better content creators.

As the company notes, users who share great content can then enhance their reputation and also grow their online influence.

“Klout is perfect for anyone who wants to use social media to be known, including professionals who want to advance their career, entrepreneurs who want to build their audience, and enthusiasts who want to share their passions with the world,” the app’s description also reads.

Some of the main features that the new Klout for Android application arrives with on devices include Content Stream, Scheduling, and Topic Explorer.

The software is quite easy to use, especially since the aforementioned Content Stream was meant to recommend various articles that are capable of appealing to each user’s unique audience.

There are tags destined to identify great content that’s trending, as well as hot off the press stories, and hidden gems that one’s audience hasn’t seen.

Moreover, the application will also allow users to schedule their tweets to be published at times when their audience is most engaged online.

As for the aforementioned Topic Explorer, it should be capable of enabling users to easily enhance their personalized content stream by expanding their list of topics and interests.

“Today’s Android release is just the first step toward our vision of helping you be known for what you love. Future versions will include expanded analytics on the Klout Score as well as fully integrated Klout Perks,” the company announces in a blog post.

You can download Klout for Android from Softpedia today. Those of you interested in it out will find it available as version 1.0, offering support for all devices running under Android 4.0.3 and newer.

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