Kitten Gulps Down TV Aerial, Lives to “Meow” the Story

Alphie the cat likes television so much, it swallowed the TV aerial

A cat named Alphie from Parson Cross, Sheffield recently ended up needing medical assistance after having swallowed the television aerial found on its owner's TV set.

Vanessa Waite explains that one night, as she was sleeping, she was woken up by some peculiar noises yet suspected these had merely been caused by Alphie's falling off the windowsill.

However, as she later found out when she rushed the cat to a local PDSA as a result of its getting sick, her assumption could not have been any more wrong than this.

“It seems as though the kitten had been playing with the antenna and inadvertently swallowed it which is a very unusual accident,” Vanessa Waite later told members of the press.

Doctors had to surgically remove the TV aerial from the kitten’s body, and it looks like Alphie will soon make a full recovery.

Just for the record, the antenna was about 15 centimeters (about 6 inches) long.

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