Kirstie Alley Will Make More Money than Any Other Star on DWTS

Being asked to be on Dancing With the Stars may turn out to be the biggest thing in Kirstie Alley’s career. Though celebrities usually use their time on the show to boost their profile, Kirstie will make the most money of the lot, claims a new report.

Since she’s been on the show, thanks to the grueling and long rehearsals, Kirstie has lost a lot of weight. She’s believed to capitalize on that to push her own weight loss program, Organic Liaison, PopEater believes.

Before DWTS started airing, Kirstie was already on the program, and she’d lost some weight. However, the big change came when she started training for the show – and all those hours spent dancing finally took their toll.

She’s now slimmer and she’s determined to drop even more pounds. At the same time, she’s also pushing Organic Liaison, which is already registering excellent sales because of DWTS.

“The weight loss business is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. She has already lost 70 lbs dancing and hasn’t wasted one minute to capitalize on it,” a friend of the star says for the e-zine.

“Kirstie is no fool. She used her over 800,000 Twitter followers to make sure they tuned in [on her appearance on QVC] and bought her product and has no plans of stopping any time soon,” the friend adds.

QVC was just the first stop, because Kirstie is now working on making the product available to customers all over the world, around the clock.

“She’s creating a brand of product that can be sold around the world 24/7. It’s like what Joan Rivers did with her jewelry collection,” another spy explains.

While doing that, Kirstie is also preparing for her comeback to scripted television: two potential new shows are now in the making at TV Land and HBO, as the star herself revealed during a recent press conference.

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