Kirstie Alley Is Gaining Weight Again, Has Already Packed 12 Pounds

Kirstie Alley got a lot of attention during her stint on Dancing With the Stars, both for her impressive performances on the dancefloor and for how much weight she lost and the amazing shape she got to. Now that the show is over, she’s already packing on the pounds, it has emerged.

Though recent photos don’t even hint that the 60-year-old actress is heavier than she was a month ago, the National Enquirer claims it for a fact that she gained 12 pounds in this period, the Daily Mail reports.

What’s more, Kirstie already knows that this is just the beginning and that she’ll continue piling on the pounds since she’s no longer burning the calories at dance rehearsals and watching what she eats like she did a month ago.

“She’s put on about 12 pounds since the DWTS finale on May 24, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down,” an unnamed friend of the actress says for the tabloid, arguing that her body is changing again – and fast.

“Her body looks bloated, her face appears puffy and swollen – and the double chins have returned,” adds the spy.

Kirstie is now in NYC and, instead of keeping an eye on her diet and making sure she gets plenty of exercise, she’s indulging in the local cuisine like there’s no tomorrow, adds the spy.

“No one expected her to keep up the demanding 2,000-calorie-a-day diet or grueling seven hour dance sessions once the show was over, but Kirstie has returned to her bad old ways,” the insider explains.

Admittedly, this unhealthy relationship Kirstie has with food, which immediately translates into ballooning weight, is all down to her being single and feeling lonely.

“Dance, exercise and dieting are still part of Kirstie’s daily life but not nearly to the same degree as during the show. And not having a significant other has left her feeling sad and alone,” the insider dishes.

So she takes refuge in food. “She has been consoling herself by eating the best food the Big Apple has to offer,” says the spy.

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