Kingston's 2,544 MHz DDR3 On Show at Computex

Memory runs on 1.65V and 9-10-11-31 latencies

The Computex expo in Taipei, Taiwan, won't officially open until tomorrow but, of course, all the hardware makers and PC suppliers are already on the site, setting up their exhibitions and even offering sneak peaks at some of their more noteworthy creations. Kingston, of course, has already arrived and appears to be somewhat more eager than its peers. This can be seen from a certain video that the company released not long ago.

Those that have been following the news will have likely read about the significant number of high-speed, enthusiast memory kits that the various RAM makers have come up with. One of the more powerful ones was developed by Corsair and has a clock of 2,533 MHz. Kingston has now made a point of claiming the performance crown, which is why it brought forth a 2GB HyperX dual-channel DDR3 kit that operates at 2,544 MHz.

Kingston's video shows a test bench running said kit on a Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4P motherboard. The product consumes 1.65V and has latencies of 9-10-11-31. There was, of course, some serious, blue-colored active cooling involved, but this is hardly an issue since enthusiast-grade systems usually have their own share of spinners and propellers. As for the processor that made it all possible, the company went for an Intel Core i7-860S, at 2.53GHz and kept non-hot by a Zalman CNPS10X.

This 2,544 MHz kit comes just days after the same memory maker unveiled a number of entry-level solutions, the HyperX 'blu' series. What remains to be seen now is whether or not the other players on this segment will match or raise the stakes over the next few days. Unfortunately, since the show hasn't even started, there is no way of knowing when and where this kit can be expected to come to market, or at what price.

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