Kingston Releases Firmware Fix for Faulty Kingston SSDNow V100 Series SSDs

Kingston has just issued a firmware fix for their SDNow V100-series solid state drives as the company has identified a bug that prevented a small percentage of these units to get past the system's initial boot screen.

According to the company, the issue is caused by the SSD's firmware and can be simply remedied by installing the D110225a FW version that can be downloaded from the company's website by following this link.

A list with the drives affected by this issue (no less than 18 models) is also available on the same page along with a PDF installation guide.

In addition, Kingston customers can also contact the company's customer service hotline for more information.

“The firmware update to fix the technical issue is available via Kingston Technical Support. As with any firmware update, we recommend that you back up your data prior to applying the firmware revision.

“Customer satisfaction and producing high quality products is the key to Kingston’s success, so we want to make every effort to ensure that our customers are aware of this firmware revision and have the opportunity to patch their SSDNow V100 drive(s),” reads the company's official statement regarding this problem.

The first Kingston V100 drives were released in the fourth quarter of 2010 and target mainstream users who need a relatively inexpensive solid state drive.

At the heart of the V100 SSD sits the JMicron JM618 controller and sequential read and write speeds can go up to 250MB/s and 230MB/sec, respectively. Drive capacities range between 64GB and 256GB.

All the Kingston SSDNow V100 units have a three-year limited warranty and the company states that the newly released firmware update shall in no way extend or expand the coverage of the original warranty applicable to the product.

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