Kingston Readies Many Wireless Storage Gadgets

They will be revealed at the 2013 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show

It might still be a bit early to talk about it, since we haven't even reached December yet, but the Consumer Electronics Show of 2013, scheduled for early January, already has companies preparing.

Kingston will reportedly show off a wide variety of devices, wider than the usual selection of storage and random access memory products.

In addition to normal RAM and SSDs (SSDNow and HyperX included), the company will reveal a number of wirelessly connected storage units.

The Wi-Drive wireless SSD series will grow particularly quickly afterwards, though it is doubtful that Wireless storage devices will become more than a niche market in the near future.

Given how much emphasis on gaming hardware is normally placed at CES, we fully expect some 8-module RAM kits to be on display as well.

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