Kingston Partners Up with ESET and ClevX to Secure Enterprise-Grade USB Flash Drives

ClevX DriveSecurity will be extended to Kingston's DT4000 and DTVP

Kingston has entered a partnership with security firm ESET and ClevX. This allows Kingston to extend the ClevX DriveSecurity solution, powered by ESET anti-malware technology, to the company’s enterprise-grade DataTraveler 4000 (DT4000) and DataTraveler Vault − Privacy (DTVP) secure USB Flash drives.

USB flash drives are often leveraged by malicious elements to spread and it’s very important, especially for enterprises, to ensure that they’re properly protected against such threats.

Over the past few years, there have been a number of incidents involving USB thumb drives. Even the notorious Stuxnet is believed to have been planted into an Iranian nuclear facility via such a device.

The answer to these problems is represented by the ultra-secure DT4000 and DTVP, which can be customized with ClevX DriveSecurity. Corporate end users can easily access the malware protection provided by ESET and the best part is that there’s no need for management configuration.

The security system provides enhanced protection against Trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware and viruses without having any impact on the local antivirus solution.

Besides offering protection against malware, ClevX DriveSecurity also secures the data on DT4000 and DTVP USB drives in case they get lost or stolen.

“Portable media is a common source of malware infection. People often carry sensitive personal files on their USB drives and they often don’t realize that their drive can be infected when plugged into a computer, and then that infection can be transferred to other machines,” said Andrew Lee, CEO of ESET North America.

“Together with Kingston and ClevX, we can offer a solution which keeps the contents of USB Flash drives safe and malware-free, and prevents malware from spreading via removable media.”

ESET’s Stephen Cobb has written an interesting post on why a product like the ClevX DriveSecurity can be so useful for people who often rely on USB sticks to store or transfer data.

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