Kingston Launches High-Capacity Wi-Fi SSD

Compatible with Windows, Android, Apple and Amazon devices

Owners of Apple iOS devices or Android OS gadgets may have found a certain App on the respective app stores called Wi-Drive.

It so happens that this small program exists for the sole purpose of enabling such devices, including Amazon Kindle gadgets, to connect to Kingston Digital's Wi-Drive wireless SSDs.

The company just so happens to have launched the highest-capacity model ever, of 128 GB.

There are 32 GB and 64 GB models as well, and while people may just decide to buy a flash drive instead of the former, the latter and the new 128 GB model should enchant enough people to leave a mark on the storage industry.

Kingston's new Wi-Drive has WPA/WEP wireless security in addition to 802.11g/n Wi-Fi connectivity. It is detailed quite thoroughly here and its price is of $176/ 135-176 Euro.

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