Kingmax KE-91 Portable HDD Family Gets 640GB Member

Otherwise identical to the 320GB and 500GB models

Though companies usually like to focus on a specific business outlet, some actually like to address the needs of multiple market segments. Kingmax, for instance, provides products for the storage and memory markets alike, even though it could simply focus on one of these areas. As such, the market is well supplied with Kingmax flash drives, memory cards and RAM modules and kits. Now, the company thought it was time to look at the hard disk drive field as well, so it expanded the KE-91 series.

The KE-91 series of portable hard disk drives was first introduced back in May and already features models of 320GB and 500GB. This line has now welcomed its newest member, a device with a capacity of 640GB. Basically, it should become one of the more prominent figures on the portable storage front, at least as far as USB 2.0-connected drives are concerned.

The drive is otherwise identical to its predecessors. It weighs only 170 g and measures 114 (L) x 75 (W) x 12 (H) mm. Additionally, it is Plug & Play-ready and has a blue LED light that shows when the product is being accessed. The USB 2.0 interface is also backwards compatible with USB 1.1 ports. Furthermore, the drive comes with a backup function and pre-loaded software that provides 256-bit AES encryption.

As end-users no doubt figured out by now, the maximum transfer speed of the connection is 480 Mbps. Kingmax made the new KE-91 compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, but also Mac OS 09.x and 10.x or higher (FAT32 format only).

Additionally, the unit can communicate with PCs running Linux 2.4 or higher (again, FAT32 only). The device should start selling this month, backed by a three-year warranty and in three color options, namely Chic Grey, Brilliant Red and Elegant Black. Pricing details are unknown.

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