Kindle Paperwhite 1 Firmware Update, Brings FreeTime, Goodreads Integration

Amazon is taking its time when it comes to updating its older devices

If you’re the owner of an older Kindle model, you might as well know this. Amazon doesn't have the best track record when it comes to updating its previous generation devices, being mostly slow to push new feats. 

Nevertheless this week, the older Kindle Paperwhite 1 has received a huge firmware update that finally brings GoodReads functionality to the tablet.

For those of you who don’t know yet, Amazon has purchased the GoodReads service last year. GoodReads is a social media platform of sorts for book lovers, allowing users to discover new books and talk to readers with similar reading taste.

The Amazon Paperwhite 2 didn't come pre-installed with GoodReads on it, but the update arrived on the device a month after, leaving the first Paperwhite waiting to receive the same treatment.

Now Paperwhite 1 owners should be receiving the update over the air, but if it hasn't reached you yet, you can proceed and download it from Softpedia. Anyway, here’s the list of improvements you will be seeing after you update.

We already mentioned Goodreads as one of the noticeable enhancements that will become available. Kindle Paperwhite 1 owners will now be able to connect to the world’s largest reading community.

You’ll be kept up to date with what your friends are reading, see their recommendations and more. You’ll also be able to set up your reading wish list, write and share notes and review the books you have finished reading.

Another major improvement brought about by the new firmware update is the addition of Kindle FreeTime. This will allow users to create personalized profiles for children, thus separating the child-friendly books from the one destined for adults. On top of that, the app will allow children to keep taps on their reading progress and award badges once progress has been achieved.

Cloud Collections will help Paperwhite 1 users to organize their content in custom categories and select where collections are to be displayed on the device. Another new tool is Page Flip, which offers different modes of browsing of books, including skimming the book page-by-page, scanning by chapter or skipping to the end for a sneak peek.

Furthermore, the Enhanced Bookmarks, Highlight & Notes tool has been included, providing the means for managing bookmarks, highlights and note quickly and efficiently.

Vocabulary Builder helps readers enhance their word-base, by adding words that have been looked up in the dictionary to the Vocabulary Builder set-up. Readers can then test their acquired knowledge by quizzing themselves with flashcards that include the definition and usage of the respective word.

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