Kindle Fire HDX and HD Tablets Get Epson Mobile Printing Support

Epson provides compatibility between some of its printers and the Kindle tablet family

If you are the owner of an Epson printer and an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, you should know that from now on, the devices will be able to be used in concert.

That means the tablets have gained mobile printing support, but be advised they have to be running Amazon’s latest Fire OS version 3.1 for the compatibility to kick-off.

Henceforth, Kindle Fire tablet owners (HDX and the revamped HD model) will be able to sync their home / office wireless printer with the slates in order to print documents, photos, emails and what not. The tablets come equipped with a built-in viewer that will enable users to view office files and quickly print them.

If the tablets have the Fire OS 3.1 software already installed on them, setting up things is quite easy and can be achieved in minutes.

Turn on the printer and find the print button on the Kindle tablet and tap it. You’ll then need to select the nearby Wi-Fi Epson printer you want to user and press Print. That’s pretty much it.

General Manager of Sales and Marketing Support at Epson, Ian Cameron, added “Amazon just gave mobile productivity a huge boost, enabling Kindle Fire users to go beyond leisure and entertainment and use their tablets to stay connected and get the job done.”

“Collaboration and innovation are an important part of Epson’s strategy to drive home and business productivity via powerful mobile printing solutions across a range of devices and platforms.”

“Today’s on-the-go users require multifunctional, easy-to-use options and support of the new family of Kindle Fire tablets provides yet another convenient and powerful way to access share and print from anywhere.”

Kindle Fire HDX and HD tablets are the first Amazon devices to get wireless printing support and are compatible with over 60 different Epson devices.

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