Kimberly McCarthy: Rare Female Execution Halted, Postponed Until April

McCarthy 's defense team will try to prove she was discriminated against by a white jury

Kimberly McCarthy's execution in Texas, scheduled for today, has been rescheduled, sources say. Her death by lethal injection would have marked the 13th female execution in Texas in 40 years.

As I detailed yesterday, McCarthy was convicted of murdering her next-door neighbor in 2010. She also cut off the senior's finger and tried to pawn the ring it had on.

All her actions were motivated by drug use, her lawyers explained, as they told the court she drove the victim's car to a crack house, the same day.

A few hours before she was scheduled for the final injection, news came in that she was awarded a postponement. HLNTV writes that a state district judge decided to reschedule the execution for April 3.

McCarthy was awarded extra time for an appeal, which will be centered around jury selection in her previous trial. Apparently, it included a majority of white jurors, and now Mrs. McCarthy, pictured above, claims she was being discriminated against.

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