Kim Kardashian’s Huge Faux Pas: See-Through Skirt and Ill-Fitting Bustier

Reality star steps out in less than flattering outfit, causes a stir online

Kim Kardashian is reportedly getting a fashion makeover as we speak, from her boyfriend, rapper slash designer Kanye West. He was probably off duty the other day, when they stepped out together for an early dinner.

The reality star, famous for her curvy body as she is for the message she’s sending women all over the world that beautiful is not exclusive to thin, seems to be currently experimenting with fashion.

Whether Kanye put together the outfit you can see her wearing in the image also attached to this article is unknown but the bottom line is that it’s not doing Kim any favors.

The loose fitting skirt was a number too big, while the bustier was a number too small. The result was an outfit that Kanye is probably regretting right now, if he was really the one who thought it would be a good idea.

As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also clearly not wearing any underwear, as various media outlets are pointing out based on a photo of her from the back.

It’s a well-known fact that black cloth turns see-through in the flashes of the cameras and Kim’s flimsy skirt was no exception.

Because of this outfit, many glossies and fashion blogs are wondering whether Kim isn’t “losing it” where fashion is concerned. That would assume, of course, that she ever “had it,” which, again, is a topic not all can agree on.

Back to the matter of Kim’s makeover, cameras were actually around when Kanye dropped by her place, raided her closet and replaced all the items there with others of his own choosing, as we also informed you at the time.

He even told her that she needed a bit more “ghetto” in her style and that he would make sure she got it. At the same time, he advised her to ditch items that were out of style.

If this is what he’s replacing them with, she was probably better off before, voices are saying online.

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