Kim Kardashian on Pregnancy Rumors: Just Give Us a Year

Reality star shuts down reports of wanting to start a family already

When she married Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian was automatically included on the celebrity baby bump watch list, with many insiders claiming they were planning on starting a family as soon as possible. It’s not going to happen just yet, she tells People magazine.

Speaking to the celebrity magazine about married life and newlywed bliss, the reality star also reveals that neither she nor Kris is thinking of having a baby just now.

As she puts it, they’re simply too busy right now, and too determined to spend some time together to become pregnant just yet.

Granted, she stresses, it’s going to happen but she asks the press and her fans to give her a year to enjoy spending time with her husband before she starts making babies.

“I think we want to figure out where he’s going to play and where we’re going to live [first]. Give us a year,” Kim tells People.

Asked what she’d do if Kris would play for Oklahoma Thunder, Kim doesn’t bat an eyelash before saying, “I would go to Oklahoma City. We’re not going to live a separate life.”

Even living in the same city (they’re both in New York now) makes it hard for them to spend time together, Kim goes on to say, because she is so incredibly busy.

“I feel good. It was kind of crazy to go right from our wedding straight to New York. It’s been work non-stop, and I think [Kris] finally appreciates all the hard work we do,” she says.

“It’s like, ‘I’m running off here to do this’… there’s so much going on. He finally gets it,” Kim adds for the same publication.

Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries just aired on E! in a 4-hour, 2-day TV special. Reaction to it has been very mixed, but ratings were solid.

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