Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries: No Reconciliation, Divorce Is On

Visit to Minnesota was to get closure, not to get back together, says new report

Despite reports to the contrary, Kim Kardashian is not considering getting back with Kris Humphries and see whether they could make their marriage work. The visit to Minnesota was just to get closure, it has emerged.

Those who have been following closely the Kardashian divorce drama know that Kim filed papers in court after only 72 days of being married to Kris Humphries, and allegedly making a fortune off the wedding.

As news broke and more and more voices accused the reality star of having faked her marriage for the cameras (that is, her reality show), she flew to Minnesota to Kris' house, where she talked to him for hours on end.

This naturally sparked talk of a possible reconciliation, with many saying she was having second thoughts about the divorce.

It turns out the divorce is still on, TMZ reports.

“Kim Kardashian is not reconciling with Kris Humphries, and the divorce is full steam ahead... this according to sources with first-hand knowledge of the situation,” says the e-zine.

“We're told even though Kim is somewhat conflicted, she knows divorce is the right thing to do, and the purpose of the trip to Minnesota last weekend was to create face-to-face closure,” TMZ further writes.

As such, she's not considering getting back with Kris, as some reports in the media have said these past couple of days.

“Sources say Kris' Minnesota lawyer is handling the divorce for him. And, we're told, there are 'no conflicts' over the terms of the divorce,” adds the same media outlet.

As we also informed you earlier today, Kris' father is telling the press that his son was completely taken by surprise by Kim's announcement, especially since she didn't even bother to talk this through with him, going instead straight to the media.

William Humphries is telling Life & Style magazine that Kris basically found out about the divorce once Kim issued the statement, because there had been no talks about the separation in their house.

He's blindsided and heartbroken, which is why he decided to put the spotlight behind him and go to his home town to be with his family, his father says.

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