Kim Kardashian Says “I Would Die If I Had Children Right Now” – Video

Reality star shocks fans with mean comments before learning she was pregnant

Kim Kardashian is now pregnant with her first child by Kanye West but, right before she learned the happy news, she seemed pretty much against the idea of having babies, saying mom life was insanely boring.

This was a comment Kim made to her sister Kourtney a while back and which is getting a lot of traction just now because it was included in the latest episode of “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.”

The Huffington Post has video of the tense exchange, as well as of the explanation Kim later offered Kourtney for saying these things.

“Mom life is so torturous,” Kim told Kourtney adding that watching her sister on a daily basis had made her understand what a “boring and miserable” life she was leading.

“I would die if I had kids right now,” the curvaceous reality star added.

“Good thing you don’t, if that’s how you feel about them. I would feel bad for your kids,” Kourtney replied, as Khloe watched the whole exchange in shock.

Later on the same episode, Kim explained that it was only the thought that she might never have kids that made her say those mean things: crying, she apologized to Kourtney, saying she’d never meant to hurt her.

As the video below – a more recent interview with the two sisters – will confirm, Kim has long changed her mind about having kids.

She talked to E! about the plans she and Kanye have for their child, whether he or she will be included on the reality show, her still ongoing divorce drama, and how she finally wants some privacy in her life because she feels as if she’s shared too much already.

“I think that definitely kicks in where you're like, ‘OK, I have to go in protect mode,’ and as ironic as it sounds, you live your life on a reality show but then when you grow up... certain things change your life that make you want to be more private and this is definitely one of them,” Kim says.

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