Kim Kardashian Reveals Workout and Diet Secrets

Socialite says she’s focusing more on staying healthy than on losing weight

Although she’s made a reputation for herself mostly on her hourglass figure, socialite and, most recently, television personality, Kim Kardashian too feels the need to tone up to look good for the cameras. In the latest issue of Us Weekly magazine, Kardashian reveals how she has lost weight with the help of a strict workout and macrobiotic diet – in just a week.

Kim slimmed down from a size 6 to a size 2 in preparation for the launch of her fitness DVD “Fit in Your Jeans by Friday.” However, it wasn’t thanks to starving herself that she accomplished such an amazing feat, she says, but because of an intense workout routine and going on a macrobiotic diet. Both are aimed to help her stay toned while also focusing on her health.

The socialite, daughter of the late attorney who got controversial O.J Simpson out of jail despite the murder charge, and former best friend of Paris Hilton, has never been a fan of going to the gym, as she repeatedly said so herself. Yet, for the launch of the fitness DVD, the star had to start working out more, so her training included, as per her own admission, daily sessions of at least two hours of exercise. Sometimes, Kim even did two sessions in the same die, with the same purpose of being in the best shape for the DVD launch.

Each session started with a warmup, followed by cardio exercises with five-pound weights. According to Kim, her favorite exercises are squats and lunges – ideal for the lower part of the body – but she also worked her abs and did some stretching at the end of each session. Because she hardly works out outdoors, Kim had to focus on her entire body in the gym, which is why she tried to work all the muscles with various exercises.

As for the diet, just recently, Kardashian discovered the many advantages of the macrobiotic diet, which includes, veggie burgers, quinoa, tofu and soy cheese. Low in fat, high in fiber and mostly vegan, the diet has worked wonders for the star so far, she says. However, she still indulges in her cravings every now and then, not being the one able to resist the temptation of burgers and fries. With all that, the socialite explains, she tries to avoid heavy carbs and is moderate even when she’s giving in to cravings.

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