Kim Kardashian Premieres Single ‘Jam (Turn It Up)’ – And It’s Really Bad

After months of teasing on Twitter and her official blog, Kim Kardashian has finally unleashed upon the world her first (and, as she puts it, last) single, the autotuned “Jam (Turn It UP).” Critical reception of it has been terrible.

The reality star is not the first one to attempt to break from television and branch out into music, but she promised us she wouldn’t make a habit out of it – that is, she won’t be releasing a full-length music album.

Kim calls this an “experiment” of sorts, something she did when people around her told her she should step out of her comfort zone and do something challenging.

So she chose music. The single premiered on Ryan Seacrest and has been trashed online ever since. You can check it out below, at the end of the article, to see if there’s any foundation for said trashing.

Besides the fact that the lyrics are no better than what Paris Hilton had on her debut album, there’s also the question of how much Kim’s voice was altered to sound (supposedly) musical.

There are certain points in the song when one could tell Kim and, say, Heidi Montag apart only if one tried really, really hard. That’s not a compliment by any means.

“It’s been autotuned so severely that it may have turned Kardashian’s actual vocals inside out and back again. Yet she still sounds off-key,” Washington Post writes.

“For another thing, its lyrics appear to have been penned by a third-grader who is writing a short story about what adults do when they go clubbing. Also, It makes Ke$ha sound like the Bob Dylan of party pop,” the e-zine says.

The LA Times is a bit more mindful about Kim’s feelings, saying only that she’s not even singing but “pretty much talking while music plays” and that, for as bad as it is, we will be forced to listen to it on radio.

Ryan Seacrest is also the producer of Kim’s E! reality show, and, since she chose to premiere “Jam” on his show, chances are he will be playing it a lot in the coming weeks, even if listeners hate it.

On the bright side, Kim promises there won’t be a follow-up to the song. She also says she will not be cashing in on it since she and producer The-Dream will be donating all the proceeds to a cancer charity.

Below is Kim Kardashian’s “Jam (Turn It Up).” See if critics are right.

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