Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Order Four $750K (€564K) Gold Toilets for Their Home

Bel Air mansion is equipped with the best of the best, says unconfirmed report

Kim Kardashian is now living at the Jenner house with her daughter North and, presumably, her baby daddy Kanye West. However, when they move into their new home, a rented Bel Air mansion, they will only have the best of the best.

This also includes gold plated toilets – four of each, estimated at over $750,000 (€564,844), the Daily Mail writes, citing reports in the media.

According to inside source, even though the house is a rental, Kim wants everything to be just perfect when she moves in with Kanye. Money is not an issue, so they’re spending a fortune on furniture and luxury items.

“Kanye has also reportedly splurged on six special-edition beds from a company which supplies London’s Savoy Hotel, the total coming to $1 million [€753,125],” the British tab writes.

The kitchen has also been equipped with a Swarovski-encrusted fridge freezer and appliances that also cost around $1 million (€753,125), says the source.

Insiders also say that the mansion is huge and in a select area that will offer the couple and their firstborn lots of privacy, which is precisely what Kanye wants, a bit unhappy with the media attention he’s been getting since he started dating the reality star.

“They expect the interior to cost twice as much as the property. They’re spending more than a million on a security system alone,” says a source.

“It's so exciting for them. The house is gorgeous. And they really wanted and needed the privacy. The security system is being upgraded and Nori's nursery is being outfitted with surveillance cameras,” another tipster shares.

The mansion will also include a personal gym with a personal trainer, but also a hair and makeup salon for Kim, who has a reputation of never going out in public without her game face on.

Speaking of going out in public, the reality star has not been seen or photographed since she gave birth in mid-June.

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