Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant with Her First Child

Reality star and rapper Kanye West are thrilled, says report

Kim Kardashian may be making more changes in her life than just getting clip-on bangs, according to a new report. The reality star has just learned she is pregnant with her first child, and she and Kanye West are over the moon.

The other day, Kim got everybody talking by strolling into LAX airport with an apparently new hairdo. She later clarified that the new bangs were fake, she’d gotten clip-ons put in for a fashion shoot.

However, the same paparazzi photos snapped on the occasion opened the talk on another topic: Kim’s admittedly obvious weight gain, which seems more obvious around her midsection.

She’s pregnant with her first child, the National Enquirer writes in its most recent print issue (story via CB).

“Despite all of her talk about exercising harder and eating healthier, it’s obvious that Kim has gained at least 10 pounds [4.53 kg] in the past few weeks, and it all seems to be around her midsection,” a “close friend” says for the tab.

There are other tell-tale signs as well.

“Plus, she’s given up alcohol completely. And she confessed to pals that she and Kanye are shopping for a family-friendly home in LA together,” the spy says.

Moreover, the curvalicious reality star has long been telling friends that she wants to start a family with Kanye and that she’s hoping it will happen soon.

“When a close friend asked Kim point-blank in mid-December if she was pregnant, she slyly responded, ‘That would be the best Christmas present ever!’” the insider dishes.

“Kim and Kanye are overjoyed, as is Kim’s family… she’s wanted to be a mom for years – and now that wish is finally coming true,” says the same unnamed source.

The report goes on to note that fans should probably not be holding their breath for a confirmation, because Kim will not make any statement regarding the pregnancy until she’s out of her first trimester.

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