Kim Kardashian Is ‘Miserable’ in Her Marriage, Stuck

She’s just realizing what a huge mistake she made by getting married, says report

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were married this August, in a ceremony dubbed the Hollywood version of the British Royal wedding. However, she’s already having seconds thoughts, having come to regret the decision, says a new report.

Friends close to the reality star are telling the US media that she’s very sorry she rushed into marriage, especially since Kris is far from the man she thought he was when dating, Hollywood Life reports.

They’re fighting all the time and Kim is also getting the distinct impression that Kris may be trying to cash in on her fame because he doesn’t have anything certain in his career right now.

“Kim’s miserable. They’re always fighting. She doesn’t feel like she’s ready for the commitment,” the unnamed source explains.

Since she got so much media attention for the wedding (and everything else leading up to it), the curvaceous star believes she’d make a complete fool of herself if she were to be separated now.

“Kim feels this all happened too soon, that she didn’t take time to get to know Kris. She’s embarrassed - she rushed into things, and now she’s stuck,” the tipster says.

Then, there’s the impression she’s getting from Kris, namely that he married her because he wants a slice of the Kardashian pie and not because he’s necessarily in love with her.

“Kim is definitely worried that Kris isn’t mature enough and could be using her for her money – especially since he’s not working right now with the NBA lockout,” the insider stresses.

“He tries to have creative input in Kourtney & Kim Take New York. It’s her show, and he tries to dominate it,” adds the spy.

Also putting a strain on the marriage is the fact that they don’t have a place to live just yet because of Kris’ job and are staying at a hotel, where he often leaves her alone for the night to go out for burgers with the boy.

Kim is equally crushed at having to postpone plans of having a baby as soon as possible, for the same reason stated above.

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