Kim Kardashian Is Addicted to Plastic Surgery, Says Friend

New report claims reality star has become obsessed with her looks, is unstoppable

If one is to believe reports online, Kim Kardashian has been getting a lot of work done in recent years – and we're not necessarily talking about her allegedly fake posterior. Things have only gotten worse in recent months, says a new report.

Kim has always denied getting anything done, saying her body, from head to toe, was 100 percent natural – this also included her lips, nose, cheeks, breasts, backside or any other part of her anatomy.

However, a simple Google search of “Kim Kardashian before and after” should confirm that, no matter how much she doth protest, people are not convinced.

The latest print issue of InTouch Weekly (story via here) claims Kim is getting out of control with plastic surgery.

Recent months have seen her become more and more obsessed about her image, spies say. Everyone close to her believes she's doing this because of the split from Kris Humphries.

“While the 31-year-old star has always been overly concerned with her looks, pals say she’s become obsessed ever since her October split from Kris Humphries and subsequent fall from grace. Instead of retreating from the public eye to regroup, Kim’s putting all her focus on her appearance,” InTouch writes.

A spy says that this is pushing all her loved ones away, because she no longer cares enough to make room for them in her life.

“Kim is even more addicted to plastic surgery than ever before. She’s becoming more and more absorbed in her self image,” says the spy.

One Dr. Matthew Schulman, who never met or treated Kim, believes the reality star recently got her lips plumped.

“It was likely done with a filler like Restylane. There is no way lip gloss and lip liner can create that much volume!” he says for InTouch after looking at recent pics of Kim.

According to the same unnamed spy, even Kim's sisters, who are also her best friends, are growing tired of seeing her so preoccupied by her looks all the time.

“Her sisters think she’s so vain. They feel like all she cares about is her image,” the insider dishes.

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