Kim Kardashian Has Marilyn Monroe Moment in Maternity Dress

Reality star steps out in billowing dress, nearly has huge faux pas on windy day

Since she announced her pregnancy, Kim Kardashian has been constantly (as in, daily) in the headlines for a wide range of reasons – one of them being her apparent refusal to wear maternity clothes. The other day, she did just that, and nearly had a huge fashion faux pas.

As you can see in the photo attached to this article, Kim wore this gray billowing dress and jacket combo the other day, running errands.

Unlike that time when she squeezed herself in clear plastic high heel shoes, this time she wore flat-soled sandals.

What she did not count on was the wind, as these photos over at the Daily Mail attest.

Luckily, she managed to save face.

“Kimmy seemed to see the funny side of her Marilyn moment, however, as she chuckled with mirth when the gust played havoc with her cute frock,” the British tab writes.

“The reality star did a fantastic job of preserving her modesty as she walked across the road and knowing – as she does – that camera lens are always trailed on her, she ensured that there wasn't anything private for the photographers to see,” adds the same publication.

The other day, a report in one of the US weeklies claimed that, though seven months pregnant, Kim still relied on regular Botox injections for her smooth complexion, having become “totally obsessed” with her looks since she’s with child.

An unnamed source from camp Kardashian denied the allegations, saying she would never do such a thing but, at the same time, another insider was quoted as saying that this is precisely what she’d do because looks are everything to her.

“Are you surprised? This is Kim. She’ll go to any lengths to protect the one thing that’s most precious to her: her beauty,” said the source.

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