Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Wear Engagement Ring All the Time

Star says she doesn’t wear massive diamond ring when sleeping or at the gym

It cost $2 million (1.47 million Euros) and it’s truly a superb piece of jewelry. Kim Kardashian is the first to recognize the value of her engagement ring, which is why she makes sure she doesn’t wear it at all times, as she reveals in a recent interview.

The reality star has launched a new collection from her jewelry line and, of course, what better occasion than that to speak of her own love of bling.

Given the size of the sparkler on her engagement finger, the one she got when Kris Humphries, now her husband, proposed to her, it’s safe to say that Kim loves diamonds.

“I love to accessorize. I think more is more when it comes to fun accessories,” she says in an interview cited by People.

Like most other women, she believes accessories play an important part in her everyday look, which she describes as “both glitz and glam, polished and put together.”

However, when she hits the gym or is getting ready for bed, she makes sure she takes off the massive diamond ring she got from Kris.

“I don’t wear it to work out. I see women coming to the gym with earrings on. I can’t do it. For some reason I need it all off, though people do… sleep with their earrings on,” the star says.

Since she loves jewelry so much, getting the chance to design her own line means a lot to her: she loves working with her sisters on most of her projects, but this one is hers alone.

“It’s something I do independently from my sisters. That’s kind of rewarding when they see pieces and really like it and want it. It’s all mine,” she says.

The Belle Noel collection, created in collaboration with designer Pascal Mouawad, has now reached its third season.

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