Kim Kardashian Does Jay Leno, Says Only Bullies Would Call a Pregnant Woman Fat

Reality star promotes “Temptation” movie, talks baby names

Kim Kardashian has been talking a lot about how many pounds she’s gained since she became pregnant with her first child but, she explains to Jay Leno, it’s only because the media has been bullying her about it.

Check out her interview in the two videos embedded at the end of this post.

The reality star also talks about her first major big screen role, in Tyler Perry’s “Temptation,” how she is staying healthy during the pregnancy both for herself and the baby, and possible baby names she and Kanye West are considering.

“We have a list. And some of them are ‘K’ names some of them aren’t. North is not on our list… but you know what name I do like – but it probably won’t be on [our list]… I like Easton – Easton West – I think that’s cute,” she says.

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