Kim Kardashian, Desperate That Kanye West Won’t Marry Her

Mag claims she’s been “used” because rapper only wants her baby

Kim Kardashian is now legally a twice divorcee, after her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries was dissolved. She’s made no secret that she wants to marry Kanye West, whose child she’s now carrying but, according to a new report, he won’t have her.

The latest issue of InTouch Weekly claims Kim has been “used” by the rapper. He “played” her by making her believe they would marry as soon as she was divorced, but he clearly has no intention of proposing.

“Humiliated Kim discovers she’s been used,” reads a bold headline on the magazine’s most recent cover, as the photo attached to this article can also confirm.

“She thought Kanye would be her ticket to ultimate fame & fortune. Now divorced and desperate to wed, Kim realizes she’s been played as he refuses to propose,” another headline reads.

The online preview issue claims that Kanye is only interested in his child with the reality star, but not really that much into spending the rest of his life with her.

This would explain why they’ve spent so much time together since these past few months, with Kanye always being holed up in Paris, while Kim travels the world.

She too has been starting to read the signs, an insider tells the magazine.

“[She thought he had] checked out of their relationship” the last time they met, says the spy.

“She’s finally free to marry him now that her divorce to Kris [Humphries] is final, but he has absolutely no intention of walking down the aisle with her. He only wants the baby,” adds the insider.

Kim’s good friend, jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz, who also designed the massive engagement ring Kris proposed with, says she doesn’t know when and if Kanye will propose.

“I have no idea [what the ring will look like]. I haven’t done it yet,” she says.

Obviously, Schwartz assumes – or at least InTouch does – that Kanye will require her services for the ring.

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