Kim Kardashian Aims to Outdo the Royal Wedding

Kim Kardashian is engaged to Kris Humphries and, while they’re yet to announce a wedding date, one thing is certain: they will try to make this the biggest event in showbiz, even bigger that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, it has emerged.

A new report by ShowbizSpy claims that Kim is so determined to make 2011 her year that she’ll be doing her best to have a wedding that will set tongues wagging.

She’s using the Royal Wedding as inspiration for her own special ceremony, but the aim is definitely to outdo Britain’s number one couple, says the report.

“Kim is obsessed with the royal wedding and loves Kate and her style,” an unnamed spy says for the aforementioned e-zine.

To have a wedding bigger than that of the Royal Couple, Kim is willing to spend a fortune – after all, she’ll surely get back some of the money she puts in it.

“She wants her wedding to be as big and grand as that – if not more so. She’s dreamed of her wedding day since she was a little girl and she wants to share it will all her friends, family and fans. No expense will be spared,” the tipster explains.

As noted above, Kim has every interest to make her wedding an affair that will get the world talking: as we also informed you a while ago, she is expected to be milking it for all its worth and make a fortune in the process.

Amidst talks that the wedding will be televised (since cameras were present when Kris proposed to Kim), reports online suggest that she will be selling exclusives in almost no time.

PopEater, for instance, believes that Kim will be $5 to $10 million richer once all this is over, perhaps even more if she plays her cards right (she could sell the rights for the photos for $3 million only), as we also informed you some time ago.

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