Kim Dotcom Denies Mega Bought New Domain

The Internet mogul says they didn't buy

The domain has reportedly changed hands in November, for an estimated price of $60,000 (€44,160), but Dotcom’s service isn’t the buyer, they say.

According to TorrentFreak, despite rumors, it wasn’t Dotcom’s team that bought off the simpler and the famous file storing service won’t be changing domain anytime soon. has grown quite a bit over the past year, boasting about five million users and a huge load of stored content. With expanding cross-platform support, these numbers could soon increase.

While reports indicate that got bought off by JustCloud, which then sold it over to Mega, Kim Dotcom says he has no idea of this move.

“Mega Ltd. Does not own this domain name and was not interested in bidding for it when it was up for sale recently. We strongly recommend that people interested in MEGA only visit directly,” the Internet mogul said.

Whatever the source of the confusion, there’s really no reason for the people over at Mega to lie about the topic. Furthermore, they already have a backup domain, namely, so the one that went for sale wasn’t a necessity for them.

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