Killzone: Shadow Fall Sells 1 Million Copies Worldwide – Report

Dead Rising 4 has also managed to move 600,000 units

Killzone: Shadow Fall, the shooter created by developer Guerrilla Games and publisher Sony, apparently managed to sell no less than 1 million units since it was launched until December 20 of this year, while Dead Rising 3 reached a total of 600,000 units during the same period.

The numbers come from a thread on NeoGAF and have not been officially confirmed by the manufacturers of the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One.

The figures are said to be compiled from information offered by the NPD Group, GFK and other independent sales trackers in Western Europe and in Asia.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is seen as the main launch title for the PlayStation 4 from Sony, designed to use all the major features of the new platform and show players the quality of both graphics and gameplay that the new hardware can deliver.

It seems that more than 27 percent of its 1 million units sold were linked to bundles.

Dead Rising 3, from Capcom, uses the power of the Xbox One to increase the number of zombies that can be shown on the player’s screen at one time and to offer more diverse ways of killing them.

The sales totals might seem impressive, but both Sony and Microsoft have announced that their consoles have sold more than 2 million units since launch, without taking into account much of December.

That means that the most important launch title for the PlayStation 4 has been bought by about one half of those interested in the actual console.

The trend is not one that console manufacturers will welcome because a new generation of hardware cannot be successful if it is not supported by solid, high-profile titles.

Both Sony and Microsoft are aiming to sell more than 5 million consoles before the end of the current fiscal year.

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