Killzone 1 HD Is How the Game Was Meant to Be Played, Dev Says

Guerrilla was no longer constrained by the limits of the PlayStation 2

Killzone 1 is finally going to be remastered in high definition and it will appear next month on the PlayStation Network for the PS3. Thus, developer Guerrilla Games has talked about the project and has revealed that this is the definitive version of the classic first-person shooter.

Killzone 1 impressed lots of PlayStation 2 owners back in 2004 with great graphics, nice shooter mechanics, and an original setting.

Now, after plenty of waiting and a sudden delay, Guerrilla Games is getting ready to debut a high definition port of the first game made specifically for the PlayStation 3.

According to Guerrilla’s Technical Director, Michiel van der Leeuw, the studio decided to embark on this project based on the feedback from fans.

“It was an idea whose time had come. Internally we had talked about bringing Killzone to PlayStation 3 before – Killzone fans frequently asked us about it, and we knew from other developers that such projects could be a lot of fun,” he said.

After quite a bit of foraging in order to find the game’s original assets and its source code, the studio’s conversion team started adapting the game to the PlayStation 3. According to van der Leeuw, they managed to deliver the ideal Killzone 1 experience, as they were no longer constrained by the PS2’s hardware.

“I think the conversion team did a terrific job. The original Killzone was a product of Guerrilla’s high ambitions and youthful enthusiasm, but at the time we didn’t quite have the experience to pack all of those ambitions into the space provided by the PlayStation 2 platform. The conversion team has gone in and made sure everything fits and runs smoothly this time, fully realizing Guerrilla’s original vision for the game. This is Killzone as it was meant to be played,” he explained.

Killzone 1 HD is out on October 24 for the PlayStation 3 via the PSN. Until then, expect to hear more about the impressive HD remake.

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